Memories from the Past

Black & White Knitting Mill
Statesville, NC

The call came in as a fire at a local knitting mill.  The first units on scene advised a working fire and all units plus off duty personnel were called in on this fire.   All personnel were utilized in the fire.  Everyone was used on the hose.  Statesville Fire Department was the primary department, and county units were put on standby.  Iredell Rescue and Iredell County EMS were on scene for standby.

mini-004 Battling front left corner.jpg (70873 bytes)
Heavy smoke and fire from left corner.

mini-006 Right front corner.jpg (80551 bytes)
Heavy smoke developing on right side of building. 

mini-009 Starting to catch the fire.jpg (67290 bytes)
Looking across front of building.

mini-013 Trucks 1 & 3.jpg (145037 bytes)
Maze of hose around the pumpers.

mini-014 Riding the hose.jpg (100146 bytes)
All personnel used to fight the fire.

mini-018 Fire breaking out side of building.jpg (72565 bytes)
Fire breaking out on right side of building.

mini-026 Fire through the wall.jpg (91910 bytes)
Plan of attack being discussed among chief and officers.

mini-030 Working the tower around the power lines.jpg (110601 bytes)
Ariel truck setting up to fight fire - watching out for wires.

mini-031 Starting to flow water.jpg (95851 bytes)
Starting the attack on the top of building.

mini-032 Fire roaring again.jpg (93664 bytes)
Getting hose set up for attack.

mini-036 Spikes coming out of the fire on top.jpg (80445 bytes)
Spikes coming off fire gives strange effect.

mini-037 Wet stuff on the red stuff.jpg (76791 bytes)
Fire raging as fireman hit the base of the fire.

mini-039 Fighting the fire together.jpg (109535 bytes)
One of my favorite pictures.  Everyone on the hose.

mini-053 Directing a water ballet.jpg (60708 bytes)
Ariel ballet.

mini-054 A long way to the top.jpg (71193 bytes)
Looking up the ladder.

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