Davidson Fire Department Overturned Ladder Truck


These are pictures of the Davidson Fire Department's Ladder truck which overturned enroute to a mutual aid call to assist Cornelius Fire Department on a 7000 square foot house belonging to race car driver Harry Gant.  When coming through a series of turn, witnesses advised the truck slid before turning over and hitting a power pole.  The three firefighters were taken to the hospital and released after treatment.  The pictures were taken by the Chief of North Mecklenburg Rescue.

mini-011.jpg (35637 bytes)

Top front of truck.

mini-010.jpg (39366 bytes)

Rescue vehicles on scene.

mini-009.jpg (46556 bytes)

Rear of truck topside.

mini-008.jpg (49221 bytes)

Bottom rear of truck.

mini-007.jpg (59005 bytes)

Power pole clipped in half - still hanging.

mini-006.jpg (39207 bytes)

Looking up the street.

mini-005.jpg (46290 bytes)

Bottom side of the truck.

mini-004.jpg (49557 bytes)

Another view of bottom of truck.

mini-003.jpg (42035 bytes)

Wrecker starting to pull the truck over.


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