Trench Collapse


While building a new water line, the workers moved from the safety of the box into an are where the walls were not stable.  Possibly passing traffic caused the walls to collapse, trapping one man under the dirt.  It was determined that subject had passed on and it became a body recovery.

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Setting up scene for recovery

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Stabilizing the ground around trench.

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Trench trailer is brought in with tools.

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Urban Search  & Rescue Truck brought with heavy timber.

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Setting up necessary boards

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Putting stabilizing walls in place.

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Getting measurement for shoring  jacks.

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Getting the other side in place.

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Putting first shore in place.

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Second shoring jack installed.

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Ground still cracking and breaking away.

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More support being added.

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Hand digging require in confined space.

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Different commands talking.

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Staging area kept back.

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Night comes as work continues.

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Everyone being cautious around trench.

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Crack opening wider as time progresses.

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Getting deeper in the hole, bucketing out dirt.

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Making decision as to next move.

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Suction truck brought in late in the call.

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Crews operating the suction.

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Body recovered from entrapment.

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Completed recovery.


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