5 Car Accident
I77 @ 45 mm

A rear end type of accident occurred at the interchange with rear end collision involving 5 vehicles.  One vehicle, a pickup hit the embankment.  There were reported to have been 5 injured persons on dispatch, but only 3 were transported with minor injuries.

mini-001.jpg (107059 bytes)
4 of the vehicles after impact.

mini-002.jpg (169446 bytes)
Vehicle into embankment and patient sitting on side of bank.

mini-003.jpg (128913 bytes)
Rear end of vehicle with most damage.

mini-005.jpg (130461 bytes)
Rescue and police vehicles line the roadway.

mini-007.jpg (149586 bytes)
Rescue workers getting patients ready for transport.

mini-013a.jpg (313787 bytes)
Getting patient ready for transport.

mini-015.jpg (136449 bytes)
Loading patients on stretchers.

mini-020.jpg (79815 bytes)
Ambulances getting ready to transport.

mini-021.jpg (93263 bytes)
Damage to rear end of vehicle which had kids in rear seat injured.

mini-024.jpg (141725 bytes)
Pickup truck that hit embankment.

mini-025.jpg (142519 bytes)
601 hung in the soft ground

mini-030.jpg (93966 bytes)
Getting pulled out.

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