Buffalo Shoals Rd
Icy spin out with minor injuries

The roads were still iced over after a storm 2 days ago.  The road had ice left due to little melting and the cars slid and were spun into the ditch.  Minor injuries to the person in the black dodge.  

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Paramedics assisting the patient into the ambulance to be checked out.

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Units going to get into position to get traffic around the units.

mini-PICT0034.JPG (281107 bytes)
Family member checks the Dodge for personal items.  Minor damage to the front end.

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Tracks in the ice covered grass shows path of cars.

mini-PICT0036.JPG (270745 bytes)
Dodge sitting against the bank.

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The trees still had a small amount of ice.

mini-PICT0038.JPG (203537 bytes)
The black ice can be seen on the roadway.

mini-PICT0039.JPG (196212 bytes)
Another view of the scene from front.

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The Christmas spirit on the ambulance.

mini-PICT0041.JPG (134498 bytes)
Troutman EMS unit.

mini-PICT0042.JPG (202148 bytes)
Volvo that was also involved missing bumper.

mini-PICT0043.JPG (274235 bytes)
Trees have fallen due to ice.



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