Tractor Trailer vs. Straight Truck

The straight truck was placing signs along the side of the roadway reference lane closing, and did a U-turn directly in front of the tractor trailer.  The Hispanic males in the straight truck had minor head injuries, and the driver of the tractor trailer had minor back injuries.  The tanker was empty but had bleach residue in the trailer.  The straight truck was bent almost into a L shape.  The road was shut down for about 1 hour.

mini-001.jpg (141544 bytes)
Both trucks where they ended up.

mini-002.jpg (122801 bytes)
EMS treating the driver of the straight truck.

mini-008.jpg (107805 bytes)
The tractor trailer resting on side of the roadway.

mini-017a.jpg (88470 bytes)
Tractor Trailer Driver being assisted to backboard.

mini-018.jpg (127225 bytes)
Getting the patient on back board.

mini-023.jpg (161938 bytes)
Point of impact on the straight truck.

mini-025.jpg (151274 bytes)
Bend in the frame of the truck.

mini-030.jpg (102437 bytes)
Troopers getting measurements.

mini-031.jpg (126501 bytes)
Front of tractor trailer.

mini-035.jpg (92034 bytes)
Getting all the numbers for the report.

mini-036.jpg (177597 bytes)
Twisted right front of tractor trailer.

mini-037.jpg (87578 bytes)
Placard on the trailer.

mini-039.jpg (73650 bytes)
Looking between bed and back for cab.

mini-044.jpg (130128 bytes)
Cab & Frame bent severely.

mini-050.jpg (93079 bytes)
Front of tractor.

mini-051.jpg (100976 bytes)
Large wrecker needed for this accident.

mini-057.jpg (92193 bytes)
Coming to pick up truck.

mini-060.jpg (134221 bytes)
Getting picked up.

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