I77 NB at 45mm
Troutman, NC

The accident occurred on I77 as a car attempted to merge and the 2nd car came up too fast hitting the van.  The lady driving the car had minor injuries, a lot due to the air bag deploying.  Units responding were Troutman Fire & Rescue, Statesville Fire, and NC State Patrol.

Units preparing to get the patient out of the vehicle. Paramedics are in the car with the patient.

The area was backed up with vehicles as fire and rescue parked on side of the ramp.

Airbag deployment.

Damage to the windshield from the airbags.  Paramedics are getting the patient ready to be put on backboard.

Patient is slid out of the vehicle on to a backboard.  Damage to front end can be seen clearly.

Patient was of large stature and took a number of people to assist in getting her out.

Stopping to strap the patient down before proceeding.

The troopers interview the other people involved in the accident.

The patient is taken to the waiting ambulance.

The vehicle is drivable so asst chief gets ready to move out of lane of travel to open the interstate.

Minor damage to the van.

Statesville Engine 3 returning to the station.


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