Car vs. Tree
Wallace Spring Rd, Statesville, NC

The original call advised of a single vehicle accident with 2 injured patients.  When units arrived on the scene, the Honda Accord had come through a curve too fast, lost control and came over the centerline running off the road and hitting a ditch which turned the vehicle around backwards.  The car slid about 75 feet before hitting a tree in the rear of the vehicle.  The bumper was pushed in about 2 1/2 feet into the car.  From witnesses, the driver was in the backseat, bleeding from the face and complaining of having shoulder pain.  Both patients were ambulatory on the scene.  Due to the mist and fog, the helicopter could not fly.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Troutman Police, Iredell County EMS, Iredell County Sheriff Dept, and NC SHP responded to the scene.

Rear end of the vehicle.

2nd view of the vehicle's rear end.

The tree shows the impact area.

The wheel was also broken from the impact.

The front end shows minor damage from hitting the ditch which turned the vehicle around.

The driver was loaded into the vehicle and his friend was translating for paramedics.

The patient was complaining of severe shoulder pain.

Another view of rear - can under vehicle.

The passenger seat appeared to have broken, and was against a child's seat in the rear.

Firefighter and paramedic work side by side.

IV's being set up in each arm.

Numerous people in the rear of the ambulance.

Emergency vehicles

Vehicle track shows the car was sideways sliding toward the tree.

Truck in the fog.


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