Shinnville Rd
House Fire

A call came in to the communications center of a house fire.  The first person on the scene called and advised of a working house fire.  Multiple departments were dispatched to the scene.  Departments responding were Shepherds, Lake Norman, Mt Mourne, Troutman, Wayside, Mooresville Rescue, Iredell County Air Van, and the SHP.  The house was putting out quite a bit of smoke and fire fighters made a interior attack.   Another group of fire fighters were on the roof venting. 

Smoke coming from residence.

Firemen on the roof cutting a vent hole.

Smoke towers out the vent hole.

Knocking the holes in the roof.

Trying to go through 2 layers is difficult.

Command on the front assessing the situation.

Roof firefighters come down to make vent from inside.

Interior firefighters getting some rest and new air tanks.

Working on getting the vent hole opened.

The ceiling down and checking for extensions of the fire.

Getting equipment back out of the way.

A line of trucks await to be needed.

The fan is brought in to help vent the smoke.

Changing the air pack.

Checking inside the roof area through vent hole.

Pump operator watching the fire.

Others going over what has happened.

Shepherds Unit 501


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