Homer Woods Mobile Home Fire

Units were called to the residence on Homer Woods to find the mobile home fully engulfed in flames.  Shepherds, Troutman and South Iredell Fire departments were called out for this fire.  The fire was from one end of the trailer and there were holes in the floor in the center of trailer, possibly one of the starting points.  The fire was brought under control very quickly, but the damage was done.  The fire is under investigation.

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Firemen prepare to enter the structure as smoke pours out the windows.

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Firemen inside make their way down the house putting out the fire.

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The back door was removed to gain access and to ventilate the mobile home.

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Firefighter standing by at front door ready to get equipment for interior firefighters

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Smoke has been diminished as the fire is put out, but not much of value is saved.

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Fire starts again behind firefighters in the house and a second line was brought in.

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A firemen inside started to knock off the siding to get to fire in the wall.

mini-017.jpg (155055 bytes)
Additional firefighters from the outside help in removing the exterior walls.

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After the siding has been removed, firemen could be easily seen inside.

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Pump operator monitoring the needs of the firemen by walkie talkie.  

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Firemen getting the PPV ready to help blow the smoke from the residence.

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The wood burning fire place, in the corner is strange in a mobile home.  There were holes in the floor that caused firemen problems when crawling through.

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Coming out of the smoke environment wearing the air pack, and other protection.

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Red headed home owner watching as firemen put the fire out.  

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Staging area for the firemen to change air bottles on the air packs.

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