Shinnville Road
Head On Collision

Units responded to the scene where a dump truck had hit a car head on.  The car appears to have come over the yellow lines exiting a curve and hit the truck in the left front of the truck, breaking the wheel off of the truck.  The driver of the car was seriously injured and a small child was also flown out to be checked out.  The call was called in as a pin in and the female was able to extricate herself as fire/rescue was setting up.

Paramedics working on the driver of the car.

Vehicle up against a small tree.

Getting the patient loaded up for transport to the LZ site.

Front end of the car.

Front end of the dump truck.

The broken wheel of the dump truck.

The ambulance loading up and heading to the LZ.

Front driver side of the vehicle.

Heavy damage to the driver's compartment.

Paramedic working on the little boy.

Front windshield was compacted.

Front seat from passenger side over vehicle.

Damage to interior of the vehicle.

Mooresville Rescue Heavy Rescue truck.

The car seat was put in with belt just over top of the seat. The child was found outside of the car when rescuers arrived.

Scene command with his radio bearer.

Car in the wrecker shows more damage.

Heavy impact in the drivers area.


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