Ellis Street House Fire
Salisbury, NC

Guest Photographer Derek Poole

South Ellis Street House Fire. Salisbury, North Carolina 11-26-2005:

This major structure fire on South Ellis Street in Salisbury kept Salisbury fire crews along with local volunteer departments very busy Saturday afternoon. 
The fire reportedly started as a grease fire in one of the apartments inside the two story structure.

Departments on scene:

Salisbury City F.D. (Stations - 51-52-53)
Faith F.D. (Rowan -Station 54)
Franklin F.D. (Rowan -Stations 55-56)
Granite Quarry F.D. (Rowan -Station 57)
Locke Township F.D. (Rowan -Stations 61/62/63)
South Salisbury F.D. (Rowan-Station 74)
Rowan County Rescue
Rowan County EMS 
Salisbury Police Dept.

Some of the Apparatus on Scene:

Salisbury Engine 511
Salisbury Engine 521
Salisbury Engine 522
Salisbury Engine 533
Salisbury Ladder 516
Faith Engine 543
South Salisbury Tower 742
Granite Quarry Engine 571

In Photos 2-6 Station 74 Firefighters can be seen working a venting operation then retreating as fire starts to leap from the roof.


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