I77 Single Vehicle Accident

A single vehicle accident involving a small pickup that was against the guard rail.  Some initial  reports said the driver may have had a seizure.  Upon arrival, the vehicle had 2 females who were not seriously injured, but the truck appears to have struck a tractor trailer due to the rubber on the driver's side and the right side had hit the guard rail.  The patient was transported to be checked out.  Units from Troutman Fire/Rescue, Shepherds Fire Dept, Mooresville Rescue, Iredell County EMS and State Patrol were dispatched.

mini-PICT0002.JPG (115633 bytes)
EMS units check out the driver as truck sets against guard rail.

mini-PICT0001.JPG (111319 bytes)
Units checking out the vehicle as the patients are checked out.

mini-PICT0003.JPG (146542 bytes)
Closer look at the front end with tire against the fender well.

mini-PICT0006.JPG (122874 bytes)
Paramedics check out the patient and decide if the patient wants to be transported.

mini-PICT0009.JPG (89540 bytes)
The fire truck is near the scene providing light for the accident scene.

mini-PICT0010.JPG (118828 bytes)
The fire/rescue units were not needed for extraction as the door was able to be opened.

mini-PICT0011.JPG (108760 bytes)
Shattered mirror shows how their Thanksgiving weekend was going.

mini-PICT0012.JPG (150366 bytes)
Rubber Stripe on side of pickup shows up with rubber against the side of the truck.

mini-PICT0013.JPG (134011 bytes)
The paramedic supervisor glows in the night as they load the patient to be checked out.


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