Car Fire
Flower House Loop Road

It appeared the owner of the vehicle had been working on the engine.  Overheard that the owner had fuel pump malfunction and fuel was pumped onto the engine causing the fire.  The vehicle was close to a mobile home but appears to have been moved a short distance before fire became intense.

mini-001.jpg (113398 bytes)
Smoke from vehicle after first hose in attacks the fire.

mini-002.jpg (148675 bytes)
Putting out the fire on the rear of the vehicle.

mini-004.jpg (113955 bytes)
Fire still burning in the engine compartment of the vehicle.

mini-006.jpg (142968 bytes)
Cooling down the front of the vehicle.

mini-008.jpg (149964 bytes)
Taking an axe to the hood to get it opened.

mini-015.jpg (182485 bytes)
Once opened, putting out the burning hoses.

mini-018.jpg (164779 bytes)
Another view of wetting down the engine.

mini-020.jpg (231621 bytes)
Original point of the vehicle and burned spot in grass.

mini-023.jpg (135499 bytes)
After fighting the fire, heat takes over.

mini-025.jpg (166731 bytes)
Wetting down the interior of the car.

mini-027.jpg (165110 bytes)
Water had no problem going through burned out firewall.

mini-028.jpg (196873 bytes)
Looking at the engine.

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