Rankin Hill Road

A couple of young men were intoxicated and running approximately 85 mph when they lost control of the Mazda they were driving.  The vehicle veered off the roadway and hit a power pole.  The pole impacted the car behind the passenger's door, pushing the side in about 12 inches.  Neither subject was hurt seriously, just minor scrapes and bruises.  The passenger went with the ambulance, the other with the trooper.

mini-001.jpg (84325 bytes)
Fireman checking inside of vehicle for victims.

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Vehicle on roof with near trees.

mini-011.jpg (157202 bytes)
Firemen attempting to locate battery.

mini-016.jpg (113306 bytes)
Finding no way to get to the battery.  Fuel was also leaking into the interior.

mini-017.jpg (97571 bytes)
Shepherds truck lighting up the scene.

mini-018.jpg (170071 bytes)
The pole was still hanging from the wires.

mini-027.jpg (182072 bytes)
Dirt caught in the wheel of the Mazda.

mini-030.jpg (104225 bytes)
Trooper getting a call on his radio.

mini-032.jpg (97528 bytes)
Driver of vehicle handcuffed in the passenger's seat.

mini-034.jpg (105310 bytes)
Energy United lineman cutting the pole off the lines.

mini-039.jpg (134822 bytes)
After wrecker pulled car 1/2 way over, the damage could be seen to the vehicle.

mini-041.jpg (166257 bytes)
Back on wheels, the damage to rear door is more visible.

mini-043.jpg (116662 bytes)
Passenger side of vehicle.

mini-044.jpg (127898 bytes)
Looking down the rear of the vehicle.

mini-047.jpg (180626 bytes)
Depth of impact seen on side.

mini-049.jpg (126428 bytes)
Firemen attempting to open hood to cut battery cables.

mini-051.jpg (121439 bytes)
Trying to make a side entry.

mini-052.jpg (113910 bytes)
Entry made to engine and battery cable being cut.

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