11-11-2000 Revisited
Mt. View Fire Dept Vs. Pickup Truck
Catawba County, NC

I have had a request to repost an event from November 11, 2000 that occurred when a Dodge Dakota Pickup came to an Y-type intersection and the driver did not stop.  The truck crossed the intersection and ran into the Mt. View Fire Dept. Station in the office area, causing a building collapse.  The female driving the pickup was not seriously injured and returned back to the department after getting a broken arm set.  The building had cracks running through out the front of the building and had the possibility of fall.  Fire & Rescue squads were dispatched and a few of the squads had been dealing with confined space rescue and we able to apply a number of principles to this incident.  This was the first dispatch of USAR (Urban Search & Rescue) unit from Troutman.  


mini-002.jpg (114289 bytes)
Front of the building with pickup inside the office.

mini-010.jpg (132243 bytes)
A little closer look at the vehicle & builidng.

mini-031.jpg (100555 bytes)
Rescue units start bracing the walls to prevent further collapse.

mini-035.jpg (142061 bytes)
The pickup was covered by bricks.

mini-038.jpg (100017 bytes)
The bracing continues on the side.

mini-042.jpg (100934 bytes)
Troutman Rescue getting set on front of the building.

mini-045.jpg (93745 bytes)
Bracing against a solid point to stop further collapse.

mini-050.jpg (116274 bytes)
The bracing on the side is nearly completed.

mini-057.jpg (92158 bytes)
With bracing in place, trucks are removed from the building.

mini-064.jpg (115337 bytes)
With truck out, bracing on the inside began.

mini-068.jpg (134227 bytes)
Looking from interior toward pickup.

mini-071.jpg (130484 bytes)
Getting ready to pull some of the debris away from the site.

mini-079.jpg (106034 bytes)
Debris covers the pickup as Thomasville Rescue arrived and assisted in removing debris.

mini-082.jpg (127546 bytes)
Additional bracing is put in place to shore of the upper floor.

mini-084.jpg (123894 bytes)
The vehicle is nearly ready to be pulled out of the building.

mini-087.jpg (114067 bytes)
Heavy front end damage shows impact with building.

mini-089.jpg (105123 bytes)
After being pulled out, the top is pushed into the cab.

mini-094.jpg (147873 bytes)
Front end shows heavy damage from impact.

mini-095.jpg (132869 bytes)
Interior of the vehicle is still intact.

mini-096.jpg (123071 bytes)
Roof nearly pushed down to the bed of truck.

mini-111.jpg (112876 bytes)
Front of building after truck removed.


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