Double Pin-In with Power Lines Down
Perth Church Road @ Cornelius Road

The passenger car pulled out of Cornelius Road, striking the pickup truck which was pulling a boat.  The truck overturned and the boat hit a power pole, breaking it and the lines came down upon the vehicles.  Power was still on the top lines, and a delay in getting the people out until the power company arrived on the scene.  The drivers were not severely injured but were entrapped in the vehicle.  The road was blocked for over an hour.

mini-001.jpg (226995 bytes)
Overturned truck - boat trailer was still attached.  Gasoline was leaking from fuel tank.

mini-002.jpg (125905 bytes)
Paramedic checking with patient just after arriving on scene.

mini-003.jpg (180545 bytes)
Scene from intersection.

mini-004.jpg (203269 bytes)
The boat on the side of the road with pole down the middle of it.

mini-005.jpg (136678 bytes)
Cribbing was set up on the overturned vehicle to stabilize.

mini-006.jpg (178122 bytes)
Using the jaws to open the door after power was cut off.

mini-007.jpg (202357 bytes)
Second vehicle had the boat trailer across the top of the hood.

mini-008.jpg (162121 bytes)
Looking into the boat with the pole in it.

mini-009.jpg (218182 bytes)
Looking down on the scene.

mini-010.jpg (207561 bytes)
Power has been cut and rescue workers start to pry the door open with jaws.

mini-011.jpg (122588 bytes)
Door being pried open.  Patient is tense as the door is opened.

mini-012.jpg (185425 bytes)
Rescue workers and paramedics get ready for extrication from the vehicle.

mini-013.jpg (168662 bytes)
Backboard is in place as they move the patient out.

mini-014.jpg (193264 bytes)
All the time of the extrication, the power company employees were holding the line up.

mini-015.jpg (226077 bytes)
What is left of the pole and damage is seen to boat.  The trailer took the majority of the hit.

mini-016.jpg (147139 bytes)
Looking from fire truck at the scene.

mini-017.jpg (96693 bytes)
Top of the cab after the vehicle is turned upright.

mini-018.jpg (199989 bytes)
Side of the vehicle is torn apart.

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