House Fire
Hickory Hwy

Firefighters got the tones just before 7am for a possible house fire.  Units checking enroute were then told heavy smoke was visible from the windows and additional departments were dispatched.  The house was not close to any department, so travel time was added to the additional response.  Flames were coming out of the front door and the upper floors as trucks arrived.  A quick knock down of the lower floor was done, and then the problem of fire in the attic was completed.  The owner was out of town in Myrtle Beach, SC and no one was at home.  The cause was undetermined and the fire marshal office was called to investigate.  Units from West Iredell, Monticello, Troutman, and Catawba Fire Departments were dispatched.  The Fireman's Association Air van and Iredell Rescue Squad were dispatched for support.  Other departments were placed on standby for the units involved in the fire.

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The first floor attack was in process and fire was coming from the roof area.

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Heavy smoke and fire come from the ends and top of the roof.

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The flames were coming from the attic area as firemen were downstairs fighting the first floor fires.

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The flames broke out of the east side of the building as firemen finished the first floor.

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West Iredell trucks take the primary position as support units come in.

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Firemen knock flames from the outside as ladders are being brought up to make a 2nd floor attack.

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Getting the ladder in place and getting ready to make a 2nd floor attack.

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Making the initial attack on the interior.  Shortly after making the attack, many air packs were running out.

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As firemen attack the center of the rooms, the fire is forced out the roof and end of the building.

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Looking in one of the upper windows, the flames are rolling on the ceiling.

mini-011.jpg (178468 bytes)
Stepping around back shows the flames coming from the top of the roof area.

mini-012.jpg (109147 bytes)
Making the attack through the window as air packs are full again.

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The firemen knock down the room fires, but the attic is proving difficult to get to as the floor is gone upstairs.

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Flames coming out of the end of the house.

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Flames seem to increase just before the firemen got to them.

mini-016.jpg (138875 bytes)
Fire scene commander

mini-017.jpg (174336 bytes)
Exterior attack is made on the flames as a ladder is getting read to be set.

mini-018.jpg (225576 bytes)
Firemen change out air bottles and get a short break before resuming the attack.

mini-019.jpg (177951 bytes)
Taking down the vinyl around the eves of the house.  The cool temperatures slowed the wasps.

mini-020.jpg (154184 bytes)
Fireman Elmore waiting to go back in to the fire.

mini-021.jpg (170934 bytes)
Wetting down the areas as the vinyl is removed.

mini-022.jpg (186238 bytes)
Bottom of the ladder being held as fireman descends.

mini-023.jpg (88320 bytes)
The fire on the first floor started back up and was quickly extinguished. 

mini-024.jpg (85867 bytes)
Taking picture through window as firemen put out hot spots.

mini-025.jpg (161660 bytes)
Fire has burned through the floor inside and the roof of the porch.

mini-026.jpg (213062 bytes)
After the majority of the fire is put out and can be handled by booster lines, the truck is repacked.

mini-027.jpg (199001 bytes)
An observer checks out what is left of the house after being gutted.


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