Buffalo Shoals Rd
House Fire

The call came in for a house fire at around 0700 hrs and Troutman, Monticello and West Iredell responded to the scene.  The first unit on the scene advised a working house fire.  I was there shortly before the fire trucks arrived. The 2nd story of the building was fully involved.  Fire firghters were able to get to the upstairs and contained most of the fire damage to the 2nd floor.  Water damage underneath was the major damaging factor on the first floor.

Flames were visible upon arrival.

View from front of the house.

Flames going high in the sky.

Orange glow from fire illuminates firemen getting air packs on.

Another shot of the fire.

Units getting water on the fire.

Fire being held back from the other section of the house.

Entry is being gained to go into the house.

Command units from Troutman & Monticello

Fire has take out the roof and is slowly being knocked down.

The fire has been knocked down to the glow in the room.

Water streams from upstairs units send smoke toward trucks.

Sign in the door of the house.

Steam mostly coming from the building.

Firemen suiting up in air pack as trucks supply water.

Running the main pumper.

Getting covers out to put down in the house.

West Iredell truck

Monticello pump operator.

Getting to the fire behind the boards.

Upstairs fire fighter

Bringing furniture out to salvage from water damage.

Power company disconnecting power from building.

Shoveling out ceiling tiles that had come down.

After the fire.

Fire reported to have started around chimney.

Breaking hoses apart puts down water on roads.


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