Conover Fire Department
Reported Structure Fire
116 S. McLin Creek Road
Carolina Glove

Guest Photographer Mark Hinson

Upon arrival of first Engine Company, plant personnel advise that there was a smell of smoke inside the structure. They reported observing the smoke and plant personnel pulled the fire alarm to evacuate the structure. Fire personnel  entered the structure and reported to Incident Command the confirmation of smoke in the structure. Fire personnel also laddered the structure with Ladder 1 to check the roof area and the HVAC units on the roof. The cause of the smoke was due to a malfunction in one of the HVAC units on the roof of the structure. The power source to the HVAC unit was secured by fire Sorry forgot time, Today, dispatched at 12:54pm. No injuries to personnel. The interior was checked and cleared of smoke.

Plant personnel was cleared to return into the structure. Assignment Complete.

J. Mark Hinson


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