Head-On Collision
Murdock Rd near Amity Hill Rd

The accident occurred when one vehicle pulled into a parking log and a vehicle exited the parking lot as another vehicle was coming.  The impact was head on but a low speed fortunately.  All victims were transported, with the male passenger being airlifted to Carolina Medical Center.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Troutman Police, Iredell County EMS, and NC State Patrol were on scene.

The Dr. being extricated and put in the ambulance.

Impact was head on and then car spun around.

Craig Arrowood working on the patient applying a neck brace.

Getting ready to extricate the patient from the van.

Checking patient out before placing on backboard.

Overcast skies were open enough for the heliocopter.

Looking in from the rear of the van.

Long time paramedic Craig Arrowood.

Paramedic getting ready to extricate patient.

Getting the backboard ready to insert in vehicle.

Getting the patient on backboard and then to stretcher.

Carolina Medical Center helicopter coming in.


Flash used after landing so as not to blind pilot.

Pilot in the helicopter waiting for patient to be loaded.

I liked this photo of LZ.

Loading the patient into the helicopter.

Loaded and getting door secured.

Getting ready to lift off.

Lots of dust as helicopter lifts off.

Loading up the van.

Front end of the car.

Car being readied for loading.

All American Towing.


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