N Main St, Cornelius
Car vs. House

The origin of this call started when we took an alarm call for a comic book store.  We felt it was real and sent cars as soon as we got the call.  Units expedited their response and found a blue Pontiac leaving the scene.  The first in officer found the door had been smashed, and a male subject flagging the officer down, saying his vehicle had been stolen.  The second officer located the vehicle, and attempted a stop.  The Pontiac refused to stop and was doing between 40 & 50 mph for about 4 miles.  Speculation was that he may have been looking for a place to jump and run.  The subject then accelerated to approx 90 mph and came upon a curve.  The subject lost control, hitting the curb and going airborne through the fence.  He bounce once before going top first into the corner of a house.  That corner was brick and was part of the garage area.  The vehicle struck the house, and literally breaking the car in half.  The male subject was thrown from the vehicle, and was pinned under the vehicle.  He was dead on impact with the building.  Cornelius Lemley Fire/Rescue extricated the body after being pronounced deceased.  Cornelius Police and NC State Police were investigating.  I was unable to have my normal camera and used a point & shoot camera and video camera for the pictures.

The wreckage at the corner of the house.  Impact with the ground is shown before impact.

Fire/rescue units prepare to extricate the body.

Getting the equipment for the extrication.

Bracing the corner of the house and the back of the vehicle before cutting the door that pinned the body.

This was the location where the body was located.

Another view of the vehicle and building.

Inside the garage area looking at the car.  The vehicle below was a mint condition 1960 Ford Thunderbird.

Vehicle being pulled from the building.  Impact is very severe, nearly ripping the car in half.

The vehicle show the V-shape in the drivers seat area.

The front seat interior was compacted to approx 18 inches from top to bottom.

Looking from driver's side of the vehicle.

Looking into the vehicle from ground level.

The top was pushed into the rear seat area.

Investigators on scene all feel this was the worst accident they had seen.

The remains of the steering column.  The steering wheel was ripped in half.


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