Ostwalt Amity Rd
Car vs. Tree - Ejection

The call came in shortly after 11am with a report of vehicle hitting a tree and one person was ejected.  Getting on the scene, the driver was laying beside the passenger side of the car.  It appeared the vehicle lost control up the roadway, went up on 2 wheels, and then went airborne, hitting a small clump of trees.  The driver was ejected through the passenger side window.  The passenger was still in the vehicle and it was evident both subjects have broken bones.  2 helicopters were called in, one from Carolina Medical Center and one from Duke Medical Center.  Both patients were flown to CMC.  This was also the first time I have photographed Life Flight and CMC had their new helicopter as well. The road was shut down for about 1 1/2 hrs.  I have put up more photos of the helicopters at www.pbase.com/nc911/medical_helicopters.com if you would like to see more of them.

Coming onto the scene, the driver is laying next to the car.

The small clump of trees are to the left of the car - the driver was beside the vehicle.

EMS and rescue members work on the patients getting them packaged for transport.

The front end of the vehicle shows the violent impact with the trees.

The clump of trees have the red paint on it and the trees were uprooted from the impact.

The patient is being checked by workers.

The decision was made to take out the windshield and remove the door.

The T-Top glass was removed and sawing was done on the cross member.

Lisa getting patient information down - IV bag is ready for the patient.

The passenger is ready to be put into the rear of the ambulance and transport to the LZ.

Interior of the Trans Am is still pretty much intact.

Carolina Medical Center helicopter circles and then decides to land further up the road.

Trucks relocate to the new LZ and standby for any emergency.

Wayside fireman stand at the ready if needed.

Wayside brush truck is command vehicle for LZ.

CMC Air Care new helicopter.

Taking the young female out to the helicopter.

Taking off for the hospital after a hot load.

The helicopter as it passes over the units.

Paper work still persists after the patient has left.

Duke Life Flight coming in for a landing.

On the ground, the 2nd patient is being readied for transport.

Doing a complete shut down, the flight nurse stands by for blades to stop.

The onboard personnel standby for blades to stop.

With the helicopter shut down, I was able to get closer for a few pictures.

Inside the patient compartment of the helicopter.

Looking at the front of the helicopter.

Looking at the rear of the interior.

Flight helmet.

Bring the patient out to the helicopter.

Loading the patient into the helicopter.

The pilots compartment.

The male patient is being strapped down.

Lifting off from the LZ.

Getting airborne.

Flying over the ambulances.

Units leaving the scene.

Heavy rescue truck passing by.

Time to go back to the station.


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