10-50 PD
Old Mountain Rd at Old Miller Road
Guest Photographer:  Dale Walker

This was a 10-50 where the Honda pulled out in front of the blue pickup. The Honda must have been a salvaged vehicle because it was welded together were it came apart. Neither driver was seriously injured. It occurred on Old Mountain Road at Old Miller Road.  This something you don't see everyday.

mini-DSC00079.JPG (145229 bytes)
Front end of Honda

mini-DSC00080.JPG (144749 bytes)
Rear end to the right, front end to the left.

mini-DSC00081.JPG (103955 bytes)
Dodge Ram truck on it's side.

mini-DSC00082.JPG (142455 bytes)
View of Honda

mini-DSC00083.JPG (120536 bytes)
Laying on it's side.

mini-DSC00084.JPG (209193 bytes)
Rear end of the Honda.

mini-DSC00085.JPG (178154 bytes)
Front end of Honda

mini-DSC00086.JPG (150526 bytes)
Vehicle became an instant lowrider.


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