Head On Collision
Cornelius Road, Mooresville, NC

The call came in for a vehicle overturned, and arriving units found a head on collision with pin-in.  There were two females in one pickup and a male in the other pickup.  Upon impact, the male's vehicle was flipped over on it's top.  There were only about 20 feet of skid marks, and it appeared they were doing about the same speed.  Baptist Hospital Air Care was called in to transport the victim that was pinned in the truck.  Rescue squads from Mooresville and Troutman worked to extricate the female victim.  Fire units from Shepherds and Mt Mourne responded to the scene for assistance with the landing zone and accident scene.  There appeared to be serious injuries to all persons involved.

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Squad workers and sheriff deputies stabilize the patient.

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Hurst tools are set up for the extrication.  Cutters, spreaders, and rams were  used.

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Front view of the truck with the pin in showing most of the impact was on the driver.

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Rescue units determine the roof has to go and the cutting of the pillars begins.

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Cutting the B post after windows have been removed.

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As the cuts progress, the roof is lifted to gain better access.

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The room is nearly off as the firemen and rescue workers lift as the cut is made.

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The roof is lifted up and into the bed of the truck.  Cutting tool hose is being shifted.

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The roof is cleared from the pickup truck.  The removal gives better access to the patient.

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With access gained, workers swarm to assist in getting the patient extricated.

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Workers find the patient is still pinned at the legs against the dash.

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After rams are applied to lift the dash, the person is extracted out the side door.

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Workers get the patient onto the backboard being careful of the injuries.

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The ram shows the lift in the dash and the patient is loaded on the board.   The left leg was broken.

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Law enforcement officers located an open container in the vehicle with the pinned in victim.

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Looking down shows how much the driver's side was impacted.

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Air Care coming in for a landing gets everyone's attention.

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Air Care flight nurses assess what they have to do for the patient.

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The other vehicle involved is on it's top.  This person also had a broken leg.

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Rescue workers heading for the helicopter which has landed in a nearby field.

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After getting patient loaded, the liftoff is started.

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Getting some altitude, the chopper checks the area for other aircraft.

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Looking at the scene from west and  below the accident.

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Dash had been pushed close to the seat which had been cause of broken leg.

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Looking from outside the vehicle shows wheel turned 90 degrees to front end.

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Mooresville Rescue Heavy Crash Truck and Iredell Co EMS ambulance.

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Skid marks are about there was to braking before impact.


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