Pickup vs. Tractor Trailer
Murdock Rd/Old Murdock Rd, Troutman, NC

The statement given was that the driver of the pickup stopped at the stop sign, and then pulled out in front of the tractor trailer.  The fuel tank on the tractor trailer was ruptured, and the front end was pushed into the tire of the tractor trailer.  The pickup was hit right in the driver's door, and it was reported the driver was unconscious for a short time.  He had to be extracted from the truck with the Hurst Tool and was transported to be looked at by Iredell County EMS.  The road was shut down for a short time. 

Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Troutman Police Department, & Iredell County EMS responded to the scene.

Coming to the scene - the fire truck had just pulled on scene.

Fuel leaking from the saddle tank on the truck.

Extricating the driver of the pickup

Looking down the truck - body was warped from impact.

Popping the front door hinges to get door open.

Front end of the tractor.  Fender is pushed into tire.

Talking to the driver - notice front tire is laying over.

Emergency & Police vehicles at intersection.

Door frame shows impact point.

Dash is crumpled due to impact.

Gas line pipes were nearly hit.

Fuel leak started at point of impact.  Roadway was slick.