Statesville Airport
Plane Crash

The incident came in as a plane crash at the airport where a plane had missed the runway.  Units on scene found one person ambulatory and 3 others in the plane.  As rescue workers arrived, it appeared that there were 2 fatalities on the scene.  The plane had come down over a hill, through the trees and hit an embankment.  Rescue and fire workers responded.  Units on scene were Statesville Fire Dept, Iredell County Rescue, Statesville Police, Iredell County Sheriff Dept, Emergency Management and other departments from the county.

Coming on to the scene with rain falling

Plane is resting on the side of an embankment.

Rescue workers are getting a patient out of the plane.

Rescue workers stabilize the plane.

Ropes and chains secure the plane to the bank.

Getting the backboard in place to extricate patient.

Drapes were set up to give privacy to the scene.

Fire & Rescue line up to get the patient up the hill.

The plane front end is missing

The patient is back on level ground and being prepared for the trip to the hospital.

The engine is to the left of the plane.

Looking up the gorge where the plane came through.

The propeller

Plane in foreground with path behind it.

Rear of plane is mangled.

Rescue truck



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