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Vehicle rollover with entrapment

The accident occurred as the vehicle exited a curve.  The vehicle lost control and skidded 419 feet before overturning, hitting 2 trees and cutting both of them down.  The 2nd tree stopped the forward movement of the car, but the driver's legs were pinned under the vehicle.  The subject was conscious and alert on the first units arrival.  Units jacked up the rear of the car and the victim was able to pull himself out from under the vehicle.  He had minor scratches, but after that ride, went to the hospital to be checked out.  Units from Mooresville Fire Dept, Mooresville Police, Mooresville Rescue, and Shepherds Fire Dept were on the scene.

Units working to get the patient out from under the vehicle.  The tree was down in front of the vehicle.

The victim is under the vehicle in the center of the picture as firemen dig to help remove dirt from under him.

Another view of the patient under the vehicle. Paramedics work to keep the victim calm.

The victim is finally able to pull himself out from under the vehicle.  He had a minor scratch on the buttocks.

The patient relaxes for a moment while deciding whether to go to the hospital to be checked out.

The fire department and rescue have jacked up the rear of the vehicle to help get pressure off the patient.

View of the jack on the rear of the vehicle.

The patient is being immobilized for the trip to the hospital.

The tree stump is next to the front end of the car.

This was the first tree that was knocked down.

This is the 2nd tree to be cut down - notice the size of the trunk.

The rear of the car had the wheel knocked off and was about 150 feet from the vehicle.

The rear of the car showing broken wheel assembly.

The vehicle as the wreck is pulling it back on it's wheels.

Back on it's wheels, the damage is easier to see.

View of the front of the vehicle - Mitsubishi Eclipse.

The impact broke the wheel rim.

The front wheel well is showing the impact of the tree.


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