Deep Cut
Overturned Tractor Trailer

The call came in as an overturned tractor trailer at Deep Cut.  Deep Cut is a low spot in the road where a bridge goes over a railroad track with sweeping turns on each side.  The truck made it through the first curve, but did not make it around the second trip.  The truck was carrying spools of wire.  The driver was not injured.  Units from West Iredell Fire, Iredell Rescue, Iredell County EMS, and the NC State Patrol were on scene.

Looking past the fire truck.

A small fuel leak was contained.

Tractor portion of rig.

Dirt plowed up between tractor and trailer.

Top of trailer shows where rolls of cable hit.

Firefighters looking for fuel cutoff.

Skid marks show where tires were dragged.

Rear of the truck.

Part of the tire that shredded.

There was still air in the tire.

Trooper interviews the driver.

West Iredell 302 Tanker.


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