Barn Fire
Fleetwood Road

The call came in for a working barn fire, and firefighters first on scene found the 20 x 20 building on the ground.  Firemen kept the fire contained to the area.  The tree at the scene received burns and firemen wetted down the limbs.  The following departments were dispatched:  Monticello, West Iredell, Troutman, and Cool Springs.

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Firemen find the building on the ground when they arrive.

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An attack on the remains of the building are made.

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Getting the water into the fire was hampered by the smoke.

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The firemen go in under the limbs of the tree.

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Working their way into the fire putting it out as they go.

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The fire had caught close items on fire.

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Shooting water up under the tin roof to put the fire out.

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After knockdown, pulling the tin roof out to get to the base of the fire.

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Monticello and West Iredell Trucks - Pumper and tanker.

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Putting water up into the tree to put out the smoldering limbs.

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Looking at the tree.

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Discussing water needs on the scene.

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Waiting for the water.

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Looking down upon the scene.

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The remains of the fire are looked over.

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