I-40 @ Hwy 115 (150mm)
Entrapment and application of traction splint

The accident occurred just past the center of the exit on I40.  A tractor trailer was involved as well, but 2 vehicles suffered the worst part of the accident.  The paramedics assisted by Statesville Fire Department and Iredell Rescue Squad extricated the patients.  The paramedics placed a traction splint on one of the patients and I captured the moment.

mini-013.jpg (118531 bytes)
Rescue units position to work on both vehicles.

mini-001.jpg (131149 bytes)
Patient that was hit from behind is extracted and packaged.

mini-021.jpg (153521 bytes)
Damage to vehicle show severe rear impact.

mini-004.jpg (141729 bytes)
Extrication from 2nd vehicle - Broken femur on patient.

mini-008.jpg (127906 bytes)
Measuring the traction splint on the good leg.

mini-009.jpg (132471 bytes)
Tightening down the splint so it won't move after being placed in position.

mini-011.jpg (141524 bytes)
Ankle support and pull connector are put around the ankle.

mini-015.jpg (155742 bytes)
Traction being applied and reaction from patient is observed.

mini-017.jpg (132730 bytes)
Personnel secure the traction splint with Velcro straps.

mini-018.jpg (136319 bytes)
While one paramedic works, the other is still holding the hand of the patient.

mini-019.jpg (153512 bytes)
Fire personnel assist in putting on spider straps to secure patient to backboard.

mini-020.jpg (146894 bytes)
Front end damage to vehicle that had broken femur.

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