I77 at 42mm
Overturned Tractor Trailer

The truck driver was very lucky as his cab and tractor were destroyed.  The cab portion of the tractor came off the chassis at the firewall and the driver was able to get out of the cab by crawling out the window in the sleeper.  Troutman Fire & Rescue, Wayside Fire, Iredell Co EMS and State Patrol were on scene with IMAP units showing up near the end to help with traffic.  The truck ran up against the inside guard rail and ran on it for about 300' before turning over.  250' of guard rails were torn out of the ground.   The driver was very lucky today.


mini-PICT0004.JPG (150884 bytes)
Driver after just getting out of sleeper

mini-PICT0005.JPG (120555 bytes)
EMS work to stabilize the patient.

mini-PICT0006.JPG (150228 bytes)
Getting the backboard in behind him to get him on the board.

mini-PICT0007.JPG (108630 bytes)
Passenger side of vehicle - the cab is below the fuel tanks.

mini-PICT0008.JPG (170734 bytes)
The crunched cab is compacted to where no one would have lived.

mini-PICT0009.JPG (112656 bytes)
Sort of like a turtle on its back.

mini-PICT0010.JPG (122822 bytes)
Product was a concern, but after finding out it was pellet limestone, tensions eased off.

mini-PICT0012.JPG (140500 bytes)
Transporting the driver to the ambulance to be checked out.

mini-PICT0013.JPG (149667 bytes)
A little closer of the rear of the cab laying away from the frame.

mini-PICT0025.JPG (113656 bytes)
Waiting for the wrecker, the men pose with the Night Train which had derailed.

mini-PICT0027.JPG (128946 bytes)
Looking at the driver's door in the center of the picture.

mini-PICT0036.JPG (141101 bytes)
Different angle from other side of the truck.

mini-PICT0038.JPG (164130 bytes)
Twisted metal that was decoration was now just twisted scrap metal.

mini-PICT0040.JPG (124637 bytes)
Bouncing off the guard rail did it's damage to the aluminum wheels.

mini-PICT0047.JPG (123232 bytes)
Full length of the truck and tractor.

mini-PICT0059.JPG (211598 bytes)
Product concern was at first problem but found that it was non hazardous.  

mini-PICT0065.JPG (100009 bytes)
Looking in the window from where the driver crawled out of the sleeper.

mini-PICT0067.JPG (127370 bytes)
The window of the tractor showed debris that was all in the driver's seat.

mini-PICT0074.JPG (172083 bytes)
Firemen cutting cables prior to righting the truck.

mini-PICT0075.JPG (170406 bytes)
Cutting the cables with the bold cutters.

mini-PICT0092.JPG (155641 bytes)
Sawzall is brought out to cut part of the guard railing.

mini-PICT0108.JPG (128310 bytes)
Trailer coming up as wrecker struggles.

mini-PICT0113.JPG (135844 bytes)
Just about down on the ground.

mini-PICT0115.JPG (116392 bytes)
The chassis minus the cab portion of the truck.

mini-PICT0123.JPG (143968 bytes)
Getting some of the leaking fluids adsorbed.

mini-PICT0124.JPG (125083 bytes) The night train not as fierce as before.

mini-PICT0125.JPG (193267 bytes)I

Firewall of the Cab.



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