Overturned Fire Truck
Flower House Rd at US 21

These are pictures of the Troutman Fire Dept. pumper/tanker that was enroute to a grass fire and overturned after coming through a turn.  The driver and passenger had minor injuries and were very fortunate not to be hurt worse.  The truck is at the fire dept to take off salvageable items.

Here is a video of the news report of the wreck but can not say how long it will be up.


mini-PICT0134.JPG (138118 bytes)
Driver's side of the truck

mini-PICT0135.JPG (144633 bytes)
Looking at the side of the truck.

mini-PICT0136.JPG (172320 bytes)
Look at the roof that was crushed downward toward passengers.

mini-PICT0138.JPG (130709 bytes)
Side of the truck that has grass still on side from being laid over.

mini-PICT0139.JPG (94593 bytes)
Looking into the cab.

mini-PICT0143.JPG (138715 bytes)
Reverse side of the truck.

mini-PICT0144.JPG (146141 bytes)
Passenger side of the vehicle.

mini-PICT0146.JPG (112366 bytes)
Overflow connect clogged with grass.

mini-PICT0147.JPG (184512 bytes)
Top mount control area filled with glass from back window.

mini-PICT0148.JPG (148132 bytes)
Closer look at crushed roof.

mini-PICT0149.JPG (135286 bytes)
Passenger side of the control panel.

mini-PICT0151.JPG (145806 bytes)
View down on top of the truck.

mini-PICT0154.JPG (109342 bytes)
Front view of the roof area.

mini-PICT0156.JPG (134836 bytes)
Opening door shows how steering wheel is into the seat.

mini-PICT0157.JPG (156025 bytes)
Hose bed closed up due to compression.



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