Conover Fire Department


Pictures sent by Chief Mark Hinson


Incident 090705


Saturday October 13, 2007 at 3:16pm; Conover Fire Department personnel were dispatched to a reported subject trapped on the roof of an apartment at Brandywine Apartments on Thornburg Drive NE in Conover.  Upon arrival, fire department personnel found a contractor installing a TV Satellite on the roof of the two story apartment complex.  The subject had apparently slipped and fell on the roof while installing the satellite dish.  Fire Department personnel used their 75-foot Ladder Truck to gain entry to the roof of the complex and perform the High-Angle Rescue.  Fire Department personnel determined that the subject was not injured during the incident, however did require assistance getting down from the roof.  The rescue took about 20 minutes using the departmentís ropes and rope hardware to safely complete the High Angle Rescue.  Once the subject on was the ground, it was determined that no injuries were sustained and no treatment or transport was required. 


Over the past several months, the Fire Department has been completing Rescue Technician training.  Incidents such as this High Angle Rescue call for the specialized training that department personnel have been taking.


This is the second High Angle Rescue that the Fire Department performed in less than 6-months.  In May, the fire department performed a rescue of a heating and air contractor who had broken his leg while on working on a HVAC unit at Conover Marketplace on Conover Blvd West.


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