Overturned Vehicle in Woods
Wallace Springs Rd

A young female who was returning from a party lost control of her vehicle and went over an embankment and into the woods.   The vehicle ended up on it's side with air bags deployed.  The female was taken to the hospital and then was going to be flown out to CMC due to possible internal organs.  Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS, Iredell County Sheriff Dept, and NC State Patrol were on the scene.

mini-003.jpg (219396 bytes)
Tree in the woods up against a tree.

mini-001.jpg (205324 bytes)
Paramedics working on the patient.

mini-002.jpg (166129 bytes)
Paramedics checking for damage to patients organs

mini-006.jpg (134427 bytes)
Getting the patient loaded in ambulance.

mini-008.jpg (158695 bytes)
Truck 107 standing by on scene.

mini-010.jpg (208377 bytes)
Embankment that car went over before going into the woods.

mini-013.jpg (180561 bytes)
Iredell EMS QRV (quick response vehicle) with all the lights activated.  Half are off while these are on.

mini-014.jpg (168396 bytes)
Sheriff dept helping with traffic on scene.

mini-015.jpg (260565 bytes)
The vehicle on its side in the woods.

mini-019.jpg (206353 bytes)
J & J Wrecker setting up on the roadway.

mini-021.jpg (228717 bytes)
Starting the pull out of the woods.

mini-023.jpg (234187 bytes)
Back down on it's wheels, the damage is evident.


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