Ostwalt Amity Rd near Overcash Rd
Head on Collision

In a bad curve, 2 vehicles met in a head-on collision with the smaller car coming out to the worse.  There was rain and possibly alcohol involved in this accident.  The driver and front seat passenger were entrapped for a short while, and had pretty severe injuries necessitating the calling of NC Baptist Air Care helicopter.  The patients were extricated and 3 county EMS units were called to the scene as well as the EMS supervisor.  Troutman Fire & Rescue were the primary support units and Wayside fire responded to handle the LZ for the helicopter.  The NC State Patrol handled the investigation of the accident. 

Rescue workers come to the vehicle.

Heavy damage to the front of the vehicle as rescue workers call for tools to get the driver out.

At this point, both front seat passengers were still in the vehicle.

Getting the door pulled back to get access to the patient.

Fire/rescue personnel work to take the door off.

The passenger is extricated and paramedics get the patient ready to be transported.

One unit is ready for the first patient as 2nd patient is extricated.

Pulling the door up and out of the way.

A young  fireman holds the door out of the way with a rope.

The patient is ready to be extricated.

Beer case covered with blood.

Cans that were in the floor of the back seat.

Windshield was torn and broken.

The pickup that was hit.

Bringing the 2nd patient to an awaiting ambulance.

The 3rd patient being treated by an EMT for a broken arm.

The State Troopers on the scene to reconstruct the accident scene.

AirCare has landed and both patients are loaded.

Fire/rescue personnel check out the patients in the ambulance.

The taped headlight was about all the survived on the front end of the Ford Probe.

Checking marks on the roadway and taking measurements.


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