Hickory Hwy House Fire

The call came in around 6am and fire departments were dispatched.  When units arrived on scene, the house was fully involved in flames.  Numerous units had to haul water due to no hydrants close by.  Multiple trucks from West Iredell, Monticello, and Troutman shuttled water in to the scene.  There appeared to be no one at home, and neighbors said the owners had been gone for the Labor Day weekend.  Due to the extensive burning before firemen arrived, an exterior attack was all that could be done.

These photos are a little grainy as I was trying a different setting on the camera, so I apologize for not having clear shots.

The main portion of the house was gutted, and small fires remained around the building.

Firemen fight the fire room to room.  The floor was gone and made it difficult to fight the fire.

The flag on the front porch had melted due to the heat of the fire.

The main pumper for West Iredell.

Fire in the house was hard to get to from the exterior.

Operating the truck from a center console mount.

Smoke continues to come off the house.

Going after the small spot fires.

Working around the trim area of the house.

The chief calling for new units to relive first in units.

Fireman waiting.

Punching holes in the side to get to the fire.

Going through the hole to the fire.

Taking down more siding.

Changing out the air pack.

Cooling off at back of truck.

Tankers on the roadway supplying water.

As the sun starts coming up, the damage is easier to see.

Foam is added to the water to help coat the remains.

Looking at the interior of the house from back.

Most of the fire is out, and steam rising off the building.

Air Van filling up spent air bottles on the scene.

Iredell County Air Van

Changing out airpack.


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