Fern Hill Rd
Overturned Vehicle

The Lexus left the road and overturned, injuring the driver's arm.  The driver's arm may have been caught under the car as it rolled removing a majority of the skin on the arm.  Units were dispatched to the scene, and first units called for the helicopter due to the damage to the arm.  The helicopter from Carolina Medical Center responded and transported the patient to the hospital.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS, and NC State Police Responded.

Vehicle as units arrived upside down.

Personnel work with the patient as ambulance is still en route.

First in trucks raise their lights for the scene.

Getting ready to put a neck brace on the patient.

Trooper watches as the patient is put on a back board.

Units position the board behind the standing patient.

Getting the patient up on the road.

Paramedics work on the patient in the ambulance.

The trooper gets ready to start his investigation.

Fire/rescue personnel stand by waiting for helicopter.

The helicopter is down, (unsteady hand for lights moving)

Standing by with the helmets of flight crew.

Tracks from the helicopter in the wet grass.

Taking the patient to the hospital.

Time to get the unit back in shape.

I was told I always got her butt in pictures - Now for a change, her face.

Clean up of the equipment.

Vehicle back on it's wheels.


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