Pineville Rd Accident
Minor Injuries

This accident occurred while units were on another accident.  The vehicles sideswiped each other, and the young female drove her vehicle to her house and walked back.  The driver of the pickup was complaining of minor injuries and was taken to the hospital to be checked. out.

Not too much damage to the vehicle other than both left side tires flat.

The damage was mostly to the door and tires

Flat tire and damaged rim.

Checking out the patient for pain.

Units standby if needed to assist.

The other driver after she walked back from her home.

The paramedic checks out the driver.

No comment.

Loading up the driver of the pickup.

Getting all the straps fixed on the patient.

Heading for the ambulance.

The All American wrecker hooking up.

Thoughts of changing the tires didn't work.

Frank getting the wrecker set to lift

Getting the VIN off the truck.

Getting the dolly ready.

Frank & Wes working together.

The Trooper in his unmarked vehicle.


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