Overturned Tractor Trailer
2400 Block of Salisbury Hwy

Guest Photographer - Marc Pruitt

I couldnít stay there long to get the whole story but basically, tractor trailer driving east on Hwy 70 ran off the road for some reason overturning and sliding down an embankment. As he was sliding, the front of the tractor trailer struck the driverís side door of a car waiting to turn onto Hwy 70 out of a private drive. Both drivers walked away from what I understand and there was very little if any damage to the interior of the passenger car.

 Wayside Fire, Iredell Rescue, EMS, and highway patrol were the responding units. Hwy 70 was shut down for a brief period and traffic was rerouted down Bethesda and Triplett Roads.

Down the embankment

Checking out the damage

So close to having serious injury.

Rescue workers on scene

Truck against gate that stopped the truck.

The trailer was split open.

Looking down the bottom side of the truck.

Wayside 601 and SHP unit

EMS director's vehicle.

Path the truck took.

So close to having serious injury.

Damaged fuel tank

Top of trailer torn open.

This wrecker will have his hands full.

Fireman checking out the area near fuel tank.

Looking from inside the car.

Trooper Burleson working another accident.

Fireman on scene.


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