Bethesda Rd
Head On  Collision

The call came in for a head on collision with possible entrapment and pin-in.   Units from Wayside Fire, Iredell County Rescue, Iredell County EMS and NC Highway Patrol responded to the scene.  It appeared that a subject in a blue Ford pickup hit one of the vehicles and then caused that vehicle to cross the road and hit the other vehicle head on.  The vehicles in the head-on had their airbags activate, helping to decrease the injuries.  The young lady in the Dodge Neon was trapped in her vehicle due to the impact and extrication was performed by rescue.  The patient was transported to the hospital to be checked out.  The subject in the pickup truck fled the scene.

Jeep that hit the Neon - From the paint transfer on the pickup, I think this vehicle was hit first by the pickup.

The impact ripped the wheel off the Neon.

Wayside fireman removes the battery to prevent electrical fire as EMS paramedics check out the patient.

Iredell County Rescue rolls into the scene to start extrication of the patient.

The Amicus tool is used to pry the door open.

The Amicus tool is spreading the door, but the bolt held the door tight.

The door was spreading but not opening.

A change in location to pry the front pins off.

Going into the area of the pins.

Getting the right position of the Amicus tool was critical.

The tool was spreading the door.

Working on the scene.

The door was slowly being pried from the car frame.

The door is slowly going to the ground.

Making sure to get the right starting point.

The spreaders start opening.

The door is just about off.

Looking down on the scene from the hill.

With the door removed, it was time to get the patient out.

Donnie Perry standing by the truck.

Two of the rescue workers.

Getting the patient out and on to the backboard.

The deputy chief contacting communications.

Slowly getting the patient onto the back board.

Other rescue personnel on the scene.

The patient is slowly taken out of the vehicle onto the stretcher.

Rescue workers and paramedics get the patient secured on the backboard and stretcher.

The interior of the Dodge Neon.

Loading the patient on the ambulance as rescue workers relax.

Looking back up the road at the Jeep.

The interior of the Jeep as the air bags did their job.  Both patients were uninjured.

Closer look into the Jeep.

Rescue unit lighting up the scene near the Neon.

Damage is primarily on the driver's side of the Neon.

The Ford pickup that started the incident. The driver jumped an ran.

The front wheel was broken and the rim gone.

Damage along the side of the pickup was minor - Gray paint on the finder possibly from the Jeep.

Another look at the broken wheel.

View down the roadway.

Trooper Burleson working on the accident scene.

A good laugh by Tim.

Wayside pumper with Chief.


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