447 Perry Rd, Troutman, NC
House Fire

On Saturday morning, shortly after one o'clock, an alarm call came in for Troutman at the far end of the service district.  Units enroute were advised it was a false alarm, and that for only the first in unit to proceed.  About 5 minutes later at 0135 hrs, another call came in for a working house fire in Troutman on Perry Rd.  The Chief checked on the scene and advised the fire was working and the 2nd unit on the alarm call was the first truck on the scene of the house fire.  There was a hydrant across the street from the house, so water was not a problem.  After getting set up, the Chief was on the hose doing the initial knockdown as we connected to the hydrant.  The rear of the house was severely damaged, but the owner had left for work about 1 hour earlier so no one was hurt.  There was a minor incident where a fire truck was backing up and hit a vehicle on the side of the road, but damage was minor.

Smoke coming from the vents in the attic.

Getting the hose hooked to the hydrant.

Rear of the house after knockdown is still smoking.

Rear corner of the house.

Another view of the rear.

Units getting on air packs for entry into the house.

Shepherds pumper/tanker with power line down in the foreground.

Getting the PPV set up in front of the door.

A pool of waiting firemen to relieve the first in units.

Coming out of the fire and getting ready for a new tank.

Getting help putting on the new tank.

Firemen inside go into the attic area checking for extension of the fire.

Damage on the rear of the building.

A small bump up with the fire truck.

Two vehicles and the fire truck were involved.

Looking at the units on the scene.

The yellow warning light illuminates with an eerie glow.

The Evertons at the truck.

Empty bottles wait for the air van.

The hydrant which was right at the truck.

Wetting down the exterior of the house.

Damage in the kitchen area which was on the back of the house.

Looking up above the last picture toward attic area.

Living room area had no furniture except TV and pictures - everything was smoke damaged.

Hitting possible embers in the ceiling.

Working the hose at the ceiling.

Damage in the next room from the heat.

Units lined up the road.

Reloading an air pack back on the truck.

Tom Billig after being in the house.

Group photo for the interior firemen.

Changing out the tank on the air pack.

Tired and ready to go home and to bed.


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