Moose Club Rd
Car vs. Tree

The call came in as vehicle vs. a tree and possible pin in.  Units arriving found the patients were ambulatory and there were no serious injuries.  It appeared the Hyundai was struck in the rear by a Honda as it was turning into the church.  It is unsure if the driver then lost control of the vehicle hitting the tree or if the steering broke.  There was severe damage to the front end of the Hyundai. Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS and NC State Patrol responded to the scene.

Coming to the scene.

Front end of the Honda

Front end of the Hyundai after hitting the tree.

The front end was against one tree and side against another tree.

Damage was pretty extensive on the front end.

Both air bags deployed in the Hyundai.

Looking from rear at trees around the vehicle.

One of the Hyundai passengers walking to the ambulance.

!02 on the scene.


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