I-40/Stamey Farm Rd
Statesville, NC
Bus vs. Truck and Small Trailer

The first call came in as a vehicle overturned on the interstate.  While rescue workers were on this call, a send call came in as a passenger bus had struck a tractor trailer and the driver was pinned in the vehicle.  When the bus crested a hill on the interstate, the traffic was stopped and the bus first struck a small trailer being pulled behind a pickup and then hit a tractor trailer in the rear.  The drivers were not injured but the bus sustained some pretty serious damage.  The bus was in transit to a golf tournament and was not occupied.   The driver was entrapped for a short time, but came through the windshield to get out.  A second bus was brought down and the driver continued his trip.  Monticello Fire, West Iredell Fire, Iredell County Rescue, Iredell County EMS, and NC State Patrol were dispatched.

I have also included some photos of the wrecker as well.

Arriving on scene where vehicles were off the interstate.

Looking down the road toward the first accident.

Front of bus and rear of trailer.

Looking at bus front right corner.

None of the lower front glass remained.

Upper windshield shows the impact with the trailer.

Looking into the driver's compartment.

Front in pushed back about a foot.

Rear of the trailer shows broken panels.

Damage minor to the trailer that was hit first.

Inside the troopers SUV.

View of the scene through vehicle camera.

Another look at the tractor trailer.

Monticello Truck as they cleared the scene.

Channel 9 circling the area - photographer at side window.

Reese's Wrecker

Looking at the front end.

Rear shot of wrecker.

Business portion of the wrecker.

Emergency lights.

Hooked up and being checked before moving.


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