Motorcycle/Truck Accident
Buffalo Shoals Rd, Statesville

The incident occurred when the pickup truck turned in front of the motorcycle.  Reports that the motorcyclist put the bike down which hit the pickup truck.  The camper shell was knocked off the pickup by the motorcycle and both tires on the truck were flattened.  Amazingly, the motorcyclist was not injured but the bike was totaled.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Iredell County EMS, Iredell County Sheriff Dept, and NC State Patrol were on scene.

Rear view of bike

The side of the bike.

Top of bike.

Front - smashed up front end.

Closer look at impact point.

Impact point on the pickup truck.

Red paint on the wheel.

Explaining to a trucker why he couldn't turn down the road.

Set up on it's wheels, damage is more evident.

Side view of front end of bike.

Handlebar area of bike.

Another shot of handlebars.

Top view

Inside the trooper's truck

Looking down the barrel of his shotgun.


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