S Main St, Troutman, NC
Car Fire

The call came in for a vehicle on fire.  Local police officials were on scene and had used an fire extinguisher to knock down the initial fire inside the rear of the SUV.  The vehicle had a lawn mower in the rear as well as a gallon can of gasoline.  The fire caused minor damage to floor, and melted the side paneling.  Fire units checked behind the panel to make sure no extension had occurred. 

Units arrive and find mild smoke coming from the rear of the vehicle.

The smoke is coming out the rear of the vehicle as fireman get the hose ready.

Wetting down the area of the fire in the carpet and side wall interior.

Dowsing the fire as smoke coming out of the rear.

Checking for any fire extension.

Putting our fire on the mat.

The lawn mower with melted wheel and fire extinguisher powder.

Melted side wall of the interior of the rear.  Gas fill on other side of panel

Command advising ECOM that fire is under control.

Working in the rear of the vehicle.

Burned area and panel melt.

Lessie breaking the hose apart.


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