Ostwalt Amity Rd/Triplett Rd
T-Bone Collision

The intersection is a 4-way stop sign intersection.  It appeared that the Jeep did not stop and t-boned the other SUV as it crossed the intersection.  2 people in the t-boned vehicle were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.  All subjects were walking around the scene after the accident, so don't believe the injuries to be serious.  Units from Troutman Fire & Rescue, Wayside Fire Dept, Iredell County EMS, and NC SHP responded to the scene.

Vehicles at where the stopped.

Impact point on the t-boned vehicle.

Looking into the t-boned vehicle - side airbag believed to have deployed.

Front end of the Jeep.

Damage to the Jeep.

Skid marks show the Jeeps sliding.

Close up of damge.

Large crowds of people were out to observe the accident.

Other side of the Jeep.