Sept. 12, 2007

Hopkins Rd, Kernersville, NC

10-50 Double Pin-In

Guest Photographer - Brent Jones


Kernersville Engine 43 was dispatched to a reported 10-50 PI at the intersection of Hopkins Rd and Woodfield Dr.  E43 arrived to find a 2 vehicle head on collision.  There were 3 patients with 1 pinned in each vehicle.  E43 requested Squad 41 and E41 to assist.  E44 was also in the area and responded to assist.  E43ís crew removed the driverís door of the white car using the Halmatro Combi-Tool.  The red car required the use of the large cutters and large spreaders along with a large ram to do a dash roll to remove that victim.  E43 remained on scene approx 3 hrs while the Kernersville Police reconstructed the accident scene using their new Laser Device that will draw the entire scene in 3-D on computer. Submitted by FF Brent Jones, Kernersville E43.


View of the Scene

E43 crew getting ready to remove the patient after removing the door

SQ41 and E41 Crews prepare to start the extrication of the patient from the 2nd vehicle

Roof was removed to better access the patient to provide medical care

Front of White Chevy Lumina

Front of the Red Chevy Cavalier

Firefighters prepare Patient for transport

Ram in place from the dash roll

Another View of the Front of the Red Chevy Cavalier

Another View of the Front of the White Chevy Lumina

Drivers Compartment of the Red Chevy

Roof Buckled of the White Chevy


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