Bolton Road, Catawba, NC
House Fire

Troutman Fire was called in for manpower and I went about 1:00am to the call to find Catawba Fire Dept fighting a stubborn fire under the roof of the double wide mobile home.  The homeowners heard a popping noise and woke to find the kitchen and outer wall on fire.  Firefighters got the first portion of the blaze out quickly but had a stubborn fire up under the roof that ran the length of the house.  It just about involved cutting a path down the center of the home to put it out.  Firefighters also helped salvage a lot of the homeowners belongings.  I am not sure if all the departments responding, but saw vehicles from Catawba Fire, Bandys Fire, Sherrills Ford, and Troutman Fire.

Units passing items through the window of the house from the bedroom.

A small fire still up at the roof ridge.

Climbing up the ladder to get on the roof.

Putting some water on the fire.

The deck outside and the kitchen wall is gone.

Using a heat imaging camera to find hot spots.

Neighbors watch from behind the trucks.

Salvaged items are stacked in the carport.

Going into the house to chase hot spots.

Directing crews to different tasks.

Inside the living room.

TV melted showing level of super heated air.

Knocking down a hot spot.

Lighting was used to help see the interior.

Cleaning up the area and salvaging.

Getting the water out from inside the hose.

Repacking the hose in the bed.

Firefighter and fire marshal search for causes.

Putting all the used equipment together to take back to the station.

Fire Marshal is thinking it may have been electrical.

Fire Marshal


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