Garage & House Fire 

Perry Rd, Troutman, NC

A subject who was despondent decided to commit suicide by burning himself up. He caught the garage on fire, and after experiencing minor burns, decided this was not the way he wanted to go. He was treated at the hospital for minor burns. The closeness of the garage to the house caused the house to become involved as well. Multiple departments were dispatched to the call at approximately 0130 hrs.

mini-001 Garage from back of house.jpg (21668 bytes) mini-002 From the back yard.jpg (22662 bytes) mini-003 Backyard picture near homejpg.jpg (20244 bytes) mini-004 Looking through the trees.jpg (29516 bytes)
mini-005 Towering flames.jpg (27301 bytes) mini-006 Moving toward side of building.jpg (24665 bytes) mini-007 Fully involved.jpg (41291 bytes) mini-008 Getting in closer for heat shots.jpg (46283 bytes)
mini-009 Roof falling in.jpg (49992 bytes) mini-010 Front right side.jpg (43078 bytes) mini-011 Storm tornado beginning.jpg (29126 bytes) mini-012 A more destinct tail formed.jpg (35142 bytes)
mini-013 Tail going back into the fire.jpg (33965 bytes) mini-014 One last reach with finger of fire.jpg (33464 bytes) mini-014 One last reach with finger of fire.jpg (33464 bytes) mini-016 Remains Burning.jpg (45259 bytes)
mini-017 Orange glow show proximity of house.jpg (19445 bytes) mini-018 Fire Nearing House.jpg (22327 bytes) mini-019 Looking across front porch of house.jpg (39965 bytes) mini-020 Spider not liking the heat.jpg (35352 bytes)
mini-021 Moving hose to a better location.jpg (31930 bytes) mini-022 Going to a new location.jpg (23273 bytes) mini-023 Shooting through the smoke.jpg (19283 bytes) mini-024 Putting water to the fire.jpg (36924 bytes)
mini-025 Pushing into the fire.jpg (24745 bytes) mini-026 Getting the ladder to the roof through smoke.jpg (30590 bytes) mini-027 Going up to vent the roof.jpg (18680 bytes) mini-028 Working up the ladder in the heat & smoke.jpg (21211 bytes)
mini-029 Moving lights on top of roof.jpg (22229 bytes) mini-030 Fireman in the glow of the fire.jpg (20397 bytes) mini-031 Making it to the roof.jpg (25670 bytes) mini-032 Getting more equipment.jpg (34225 bytes)
mini-033 Getting down from roof.jpg (30987 bytes) mini-034 Moving the camera gives strange lightsjpg.jpg (46320 bytes) mini-035 Changing Bottles.jpg (44103 bytes) mini-036 Checking the house.jpg (54424 bytes)
mini-037 Ladder to the roof.jpg (36251 bytes) mini-038 Fireman working in the house.jpg (25685 bytes) mini-039 Looking through door.jpg (22792 bytes) mini-040 Going inside.jpg (50940 bytes)
mini-041 Working in recovery area.jpg (44167 bytes) mini-042 Getting out of coat.jpg (25730 bytes) mini-043 Switching out air bottles.jpg (43202 bytes) mini-044 Getting a message on the radio.jpg (39500 bytes)
mini-045 Coming to break area.jpg (22110 bytes) mini-046 Helping get gear on.jpg (18887 bytes) mini-047 Pump operations.jpg (35177 bytes) mini-048 Oops moved the camera.jpg (36676 bytes)
mini-049 Break-air pack replacement area.jpg (48908 bytes) mini-050 Hose lines feeding out.jpg (32119 bytes) mini-051 Putting on air mask.jpg (16702 bytes) mini-052 Getting the ashes out.jpg (38510 bytes)
mini-053 Little fires burning on.jpg (45059 bytes) mini-054 Mostly smoke now.jpg (46683 bytes) mini-055 Asst chief reporting to command.jpg (30141 bytes) mini-056 Unusual photo.jpg (28499 bytes)
mini-057 Getting more air.jpg (52495 bytes) mini-058 Making sure its right.jpg (25285 bytes) mini-059 Hair.jpg (32611 bytes) mini-060 Asst Chief.jpg (26933 bytes)
mini-061 Firemen.jpg (35433 bytes) mini-063 Empty air tanks.jpg (38997 bytes) mini-064 Allen still on the radio.jpg (31469 bytes) mini-065 Trucks lining the roadway.jpg (22824 bytes)

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